Production of Lacatse Enzyme

Naturally the enzyme is produced in the inner wall of small intestine. Microvilli which are small finger like projections and are present in the inner walls of small intestine produces Lactase. This absorbs nutrients from food containing Lactose and then the food can be absorbed directly into the blood stream. These microvilli are also known as Brush border based on their appearance. Lactase which is present on these brush border helps in breakdown of Lactose into smaller sugars i.e. Glucose and Galactose for further absorption.


Commercial Production of Lactase Enzymes by Aspergillus niger

Lactase enzyme can be produced by Aspergillus niger. β -galactosidase, so called β-gal, is an vital enzyme utilized in dairy industry and determined abundantly in biological systems and microorganisms. β-gal hydrolyzes the lactose (milk sugar) to its components, Galactose and Glucose. The enzyme is employed for the development of milk and its derivatives for intake by persons with lactase deficiency, for prevention of lactose crystallization in frozen and milk products and also for the expansion of the sweetening properties of lactose.

β-gal is found in nature and a wide range of compounds can be produced. The filamentous fungus Aspergillus niger is capable of producing various extracellular enzymes and has been previously used for enzyme production by various researchers.

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