Patient Reviews


I am lactose intolerant. I can't consume Milk coffee or tea. But, after using this product now I am able happily drink milk tea.
- Ashish Kumar


Good product for those who are lactose intolerant. Easy to use, with fabulous results.
- Mona Sinha


- Vikas bhardwaj


I'm a severely lactose intolerant person. If I consume even a tea spoon of milk or curds I bloat and it leads to at least two to four hours of flatulence with a lot of discomfort and stomach ache. If I happen to eat any desert or dairy product, it leads to severe diarrhea. I have suffered since childhood. Recently, I came over this product and it's the first I tried. I consumed one capsule and drank 100 ml milk diluted with 200 ml water to test it first. I was fine. So next day I got bolder and consumed 200 ml of milk with no water and I was fine. The next day I got even bolder and drank 300 ml milk and since six hours am totally asymptomatic as of writing this review. I cannot explain what this means to a person who's never been able to tolerate milk all his life, but loves milk. I highly recommend you this product. It's far more adorable compared to Yamoo. And the 90 capsule bottle is even more reasonable. The only request is to make this product available on prime so we don't have to spend ₹100 on delivery. Don't think twice go for it!
- Anand


I am a regular user of imported Lactase enzyme pills. I found this product to be better than most others. Also the pricing is very competitive. They should make it a part of Amazon Prime so we don't unnecessarily pay shipping extra.
- Amazon Customer


Awesome. Simply awesome. I had trouble consuming dairy products for a long time now and a single pill for my first time was sufficient for me to enjoy a full cheese burst pizza and consume milk and yogurt with zero bloating. Grateful to the product as it helped me to relax my gut.
- Vibhas Goyal


Had a full glass of milk after one of these tablets. All good. Great value for money considering the alternatives are all imported
- Kartik