Infant Colic

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What is Infant Colic?

Infant colic is a symptom indicating abdominal pain in infants which helps in diagnosing lactase enzyme deficiency. When an infant cries for long time in a day or in a week then this condition is termed as infantile colic. Colic baby symptoms are as follows: the baby sometimes pulls his legs up to his abdomen and clenches his fist tightly and he/she cries a lot and the cry is high pitched.

This condition is observed in those babies who have immature immune system and hence they can not produce sufficient amount of lactase and is also known as Infantile Colic.

What are its Sign and Symptoms:

Although a child can cry for many reasons such as indicating hunger, illness and uncomfortability. But Infantile colic is diagnosed when these reasons are neglected.
These colic baby symptoms are as follows :

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Red face
  • High pitched sound  


              colic baby symptoms


Any difference between Colic and Crying?

Medical doctors typically agree that the difference between colic cry and ordinary crying is that the baby seems inconsolable, his crying turns to high pitched screaming and lasts for minimum 3 hours and on occasion (a good deal longer) once in a while across the clock.

Time for its onset.

Usually the time for its onset is 6 weeks of age.

Some facts about Infantile colic:

  • "Colic" is gotten from the old Greek word for digestive tract/intestine “Colon”.
  • In Ancient times during the second century AD, opium (commonly known as “Afeem”, Alcohol and other drugs were given to calm these crying babies.
  • In Past decades, doctors use some sedatives and analgesics for treating colicky babies but these are not used now because of severe side effects and even death of child.

Treatment for Infant colic:

Today, Infantile colic is becoming a major problem now a days as the immunity of babies are not strong enough. Babies are having difficulty in digesting Milk and other Dairy products and are suffering from lactose intolerance and Lactose indigestion. Avoiding these can cause lack of some important Vitamins and Minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Protein, Riboflavin etc.

For managing this problem and to relieve symptoms from colic, Bioven Lactase Drops is the best colic medicine for infants which are manufactured under the compliances defined in GMP and approved by FSSAI Licence and ISO 22000 certification which helps in breakdown of Lactose into smaller molecules such as Glucose and Galactose.